At The Matthews Group we work with you – our client – to build and secure YOUR future.

Our future is helping you achieve your goals. We are in business to make a difference – to help you improve your business or practice, to legitimately minimize your taxes, to increase your income, and to help you build and protect your wealth.

We succeed when we are part of your team of trusted advisors, working together to help you reach your goals. We must understand your unique needs and ambitions, and we will earn your trust when you know we have your interests as our priority.

We may not be the right accountants for you. Our clients want personal attention, not canned advice. Our team are seasoned professionals. Personalities and fit are important. That’s one reason we start by getting to know you and your business. Both sides need to feel the fit is there.

Understanding your dreams is important if we are to help you achieve them. Understanding your business is important if we are to help you improve it. Much of what we do is routine or simply keeps you compliant with CRA. You can sleep at night. But, the rewarding part of our job is not routine – it is helping good people succeed.

Our shared ambitions

Some call them values. We prefer ambitions because perfection – if we could reach it – would be good enough just for now

Team | We achieve more as a team – in our office and working with others.

Integrity | Honest mistakes can be accepted and learned from. Ethical failures are not acceptable. Clients and our team deserve honest feedback and advice.

Drive | We take personal initiative, we pitch in, we do what it takes.

Responsiveness | We will continually and persistently seek to increase our speed of response to clients and the turnaround time of work flowing through our office.

Client Centric | We care whether clients succeed. Their success is our success.

Value | Our goal is to provide value to clients and to be valued by clients. If a client believes we have not delivered value, that client – without argument – may pay us only what the service was worth to them.